Quick note for parents!

Lunch – menus are available on the district webpage or you can pick up a hard copy in the office.  It is also posted on the bulletin board outside the office along with some announcements.  If you need to fill out a free/reduced form, please do this online.  The forms cannot be backdated, so any meals purchased before the form is filled out will be charged full price.

Transportation – our transportation department is working tirelessly to get the routes up and ready.  Please be patient with us the first few days of school as we do all we can do ensure your student gets to where they need to be.  If you have moved, make sure we have your correct address on file.  If you are needing your student dropped off at a different location than what we have on file, make sure you fill out a transportation deviation (found on the district website).  Those can take up to a week to take effect, so plan accordingly.  If you are making any permanent arrangements for picking up your student, please call the school or stop in the office so we can add you to our list.  Please remember that unless you are on our daily pick up list, or unless we hear from you by 2:00, your student WILL be placed on their scheduled school bus.  Students are not allowed to ride a different bus home without you first contacting transportation to make arrangements.  The safety of your child is our #1 priority!

Registration – please make sure you have filled out the returning student registration for your student – even if they have been assigned a teacher.  This is found by logging into your powerschool account, in the column on the left hand side.  This updates all your students information, permission forms, etc.  If you are unable to login to your powerschool account, please contact the office and we will help you out.  If you do not live in our boundaries and are not currently enrolled in the language immersion program, you MUST fill out the open enrollment form.